Make the Environmental Way the Easy Way

Make the Environmental Way the Easy Way

Ensure sustainable transport is the easiest option for everyone

Any change to transport must not make environmentally-unfriendly travel easier at the expense of the less-damaging options. For example:

(a) Ardrossan ferry terminal was remodelled in the 1980s, moving the railway station further away from the ferry to the detriment of foot passengers
(b) At Brodick, the new terminal has doubled the distance foot passengers must walk between bus and boat
(c) The Stena ferries moved from rail-accessible Stranraer to Cairnryan, 6 miles from the track
(d) Removing bridge tolls from the Forth and Tay but without reduced rail and bus fares. All these made non-car use more difficult, and thus probably encouraged car use

Category Legislation

Date 2 December 2017

Submitted by Jane Ann Liston