Submitting Your Idea


Is my idea a Policy, Legislation or Investment?

Your idea should be in one of three categories: Policy, Legislation or Investment.

  • A Policy would be an action or set of actions carried out by the Government (e.g. require all Public Bodies to travel by rail for UK journeys)
  • Legislation refers to a change in the law necessary to achieve change (e.g. Legislate for a new default urban 20mph speed limit)
  • Investment refers to the need for a change in government funding (e.g. fund at least one segregated cycle route in each city by 2020)

I don't have an image - Where can I find one?

You can use other peoples’ photos in your submission, but you must ensure that these are copyright-free and that you give credit for the image. Please ensure these images are high resolution. Two resources are:

  • Flickr Creative Commons (when searching for an image on Flickr, select ‘Any License’ in the top-left corner, and then ‘All Creative Commons’)
  • unsplash.com (you shouldn’t need to give credit for this source)

Does it matter if I don't have an image demonstrating my idea?

You aren’t required to have an image to submit your idea, but using an image will help to showcase your idea on our website and make it look visually attractive. If you don’t send in an image, we’ll choose one that we think fits.

Does my idea have to change things on a national level?

No! your idea can be on any scale – local, regional or national.

I don't work for a transport organisation - can I still contribute?

Yes! You can submit your idea on an individual capacity or on behalf of an organisation.

I've got so many good ideas - Can I submit more than one?

Yes! You can submit more than one idea (within reason!).

What modes of transport can I write about?

We imagine that walking, cycling, buses & coaches, trams & light rail, metros, railways, ferries, cars, and aviation are the personal modes of transport that most people are likely to want to write about. And some of you might want to contribute on the movement of goods rather than people: rail freight, road freight, and sea freight. And some ideas might not be about modes of transport at all: you might have a good idea about how transport is organised or operated, or how transport decisions are made.

When should I submit my idea by?

The deadline for submissions is Friday 1 December.

I want to pollute the air, cause congestion, contribute to climate change and make transport exclusively for the rich - can I contribute?

No! Why are you on this website? Your idea must promote sustainable transport, either in an economic, social or environmental sense.